GradeBook Pro is a powerful and intuitive paperless classroom management tool. Record grades, attendance, and student performance in an app designed with busy educators in mind.

GradeBook Pro is a complete standalone solution, there are no in app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements, limitations, or third-party services to pay for.

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• Weighted and standard point-based scales are supported.
• Customize the grade scale with unlimited letter grade ranges.
• Categorize assignments to see student grades by category.
• Award extra credit or deduct penalty points.
• Drop or exempt a score to exclude it from the grade calculation.
• Override the number of points possible on a student-by-student basis.
• Record a note with any score.
• View student average grade, highest grade, and total point score.
• Categorized classes report overall and category-specific grades.

• Assign custom labels to four selectable behavior marks.
• Quickly track performance, participation, preparedness, behavior, conduct, or any other criteria.

• Mark students as Present, Absent, or Tardy.
• Absent and tardy entries can be flagged as excused or unexcused.
• Learn student names by viewing photos while taking attendance.
• Record attendance multiple times per day.
• Email a daily attendance summary.
• Create an email addressed to all present, absent, or tardy students.
• Student attendance status is displayed on the main and score entry screen.
• Assign attendance grades easily with the calculated percent present statistic.

• Create attendance, grade, performance, and roster reports for the class.
• Create attendance, grade, performance, and summary reports for each student.
• Export grade, attendance, and performance results to CSV formatted files.
• Upload reports to Dropbox, email them, or view them on the in-app report viewer.
• Email a list of ungraded students by assignment.

• Import class rosters or scores via email or Dropbox.
• Backup and restore with Dropbox.
• Assign photos to students to view when recording grades or taking attendance.
• Copy students, assignments, grade scales, and categories between classes.
• Prevent unauthorized access with a launch passcode.
Color themes.


Version 2.94


5 months ago

I’m preparing a small bug fix update with the following changes: Scrolling while editing a text field is disabled on the score, attendance, and behavior entry screens.  This is to prevent a crash when editing a text field that goes … Continue reading

iOS 7.0 and V2.90


12 months ago

GradeBook Pro V2.90 will be released on Tuesday, September 17th!  This update is fully iOS 7.0 compatible. This update include a database upgrade so please backup your database file before installing the update.  With any database upgrade there is risk … Continue reading

V2.90 Preview


12 months ago

I’ve been hard at work updating GradeBook Pro to be ready when Apple releases iOS 7.0. The entire user interface has been refreshed and I’ve added some user requests like letter grade entry and configurable display precision for all calculated … Continue reading

V2.80 Released


1 year ago

Version 2.80 was just released and will be available for download shortly. This update brings color themes, a new assignment report, in-app settings, and more!

V2.80 Preview


1 year ago

The first release candidate for Version 2.80 just went out for beta testing.  If no major issues are discovered it should be available within a few weeks. Here’s a few of the new features in this update: Color themes (see … Continue reading

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