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GradeBook Pro – Version 2.20

Posted 4 years ago by Eric

After three months of development (and twelve beta releases) I am pleased to announce that GradeBook Pro V2.20 has been sent to Apple for review.

This update represents a major change to the underlying code structure of the app to allow for implementing some of the most requested features over the next year.  Of course, I couldn’t help sneaking in a few new features as well.  Here are the release notes:



  • Class Report Generator now available in the Data screen.
  • Create PDF reports for class attendance, grades, and rosters.
  • Send the reports to Dropbox, Email, iPad Documents Directory, or QuickLook to view or print the reports.
  • Class grade reports now include the class average for each assignment.
  • Selected class is now indicated by a check mark in the class list.
  • Email a student a list of their ungraded assignments.
  • Enter negative scores for assignments.
  • Student statistics screen now shows grade notes.
  • Choose the display order for a student names.
  • Consolidated app settings to a settings pane in the Settings app.
  • Student report emails can now include attendance and grade notes.
  • Progress bars on main view are hidden if no grades have been recorded.
  • Progress bar color changed from blue to gray.
  • Select student photos without cropping.
  • Toolbar animations when deleting data are consistent.
  • “Exempt” grades can now be created by entering an ‘e’ in the grade field.
  • All PDF and CSV files are opened in a QuickLook Preview window to allow for printing.
  • Rounded corners of photos.
  • Rounded corners of date pickers.
  • Consolidated the attendance, assignment, roster, category, and class manager to the “Manage” menu button on the bottom toolbar of the main view.
  • Moved the “Action” menu button to the bottom toolbar of the main view.
  • Sort order settings for student rosters and assignments are now universal and set in the iOS Settings app.
  • Scrolling on grade entry view improved.
  • New icon!


Bugs Fixed:

  • App sometimes crashes when opening reports in an external editor.
  • Class, student, assignment, and attendance notes are now properly retained.
  • Daily attendance report now respects the roster sort selected in the iOS Settings app.
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  1. Dianne says:

    will this ever be available for Windows 8

    • Eric says:

      Hi, not in the near future.

  2. MBarnard says:

    Verrrry excited about this update!!! Best teacher app ever!!!!